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In an IB World school, a child graduates with a certain Learner Profile. The core begins in early years. There is a focus on developing in children the ability to be global leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, effective problem solvers, effective communicators and wise risk takers.

 In developing global leadership capacity, children will begin to understand themselves exploring emotions and actions, reasons and consequences. They will begin to understand the process of planning and goal setting as well as begin to be aware of their actions, analyzing them with guidance. 

Fostering entrepreneurs and innovators capacity, children will begin to view problems as opportunities. They will develop a strong sense of curiousity and feel empowered to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. Children become effective collaborators with guidance and develop resiliency and determination in the face of adversity. They are confident to invent innovative projects and work on them with little guidance. 

Promoting effective problem solvers capacity children will begin to develop problem solve thinking skills and express what they are thinking and feeling. They are encouraged to preserve and not give up because of adversities.

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IB PYP in an Early Years Setting

The International Baccalaureate Office shows what the Primary Years Programme looks like in action at the Early Years level.

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 2018 MAY

2018 MAY



Encouraging effective communicators capacity children will develop their listening and observing skills and begin to express their thoughts opinions and ideas confidently. Supporting wise risk takers capacity children become confident to take risks and then reflect and evaluate the action and result. They begin to evaluate risk before taking action.

The IB Learner Profile displays a child who is knowledgeable, open-minded, a communicator, a thinker, an inquirer, caring, principled, reflective, and balanced.  In our current world it is not enough to know facts. We need to guide our children to be confident in their abilities and resourceful in their thoughts and actions.

PLAY and INQUIRY is at the core of learning at Summerhill. All learning can happen in an environment that respects children’s basic needs. Through meaningful play and authentic experiences, children learn what is important to them. Play is a means to early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance. 

Teachers are facilitators and play a variety of roles in supporting the children’s play. With quality interactions and intentionality, teachers are able to analyze children’s needs and provide guidance to extend the learning. 

High quality play that is mediated by adults who are play partners and able to inject small amounts of focused direct instruction based on the needs of the child into the daily play, is an effective way to develop emergent literacy, numeracy and inquiry skills.


Summerhill International School is officially authorized as an IB world school for the Primary Years Programme.

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