Come See Us at Work

To experience the unique, caring, high-quality environment at Summerhill, simply pay us a visit. We welcome you and your family and look forward to the opportunity to show you why Summerhill is truly a special place. We provide a world for children with glowing opportunities and a curriculum that helps children discover their potential.






Our Teaching Staff

Our role as a provider in early child-care is to complement the primary role of parental care. At the end of the day when you come to pick up your child, you'll find teachers eager to share the events of your child's day with you. From casual conversations, daily notes, and parent-teacher conferences to a standing invitation to drop in at any time of the day, we actively encourage communication between parents and teachers. We consider it a great honor when you entrust your child to us, and we take very seriously our commitment to have a significant and positive influence on the children in our school.

Exceptional teachers are the cornerstone of Summerhill, and we therefore require that all of our faculty have prior experience in early childhood education. Our head teachers are carefully selected on the basis of character and experience. The staff members speak English at a native level and represent a variety of countries, creating a truly international atmosphere.