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Summerhill Baby is a fully integrated daycare within our Summerhill Preschool where we believe in “One roof, one philosophy.”

It is a room to bloom for our very youngest age group, a unique haven where our caregivers shower your child with lots of love and cuddles. Starting as young as three months allows a continuity of care in which the children first form trusting bonds with their caretakers and then with their teachers under the same “roof”, making the transition to preschool much easier. We are very excited to have Summerhill Baby!

What Brain Research Tells Us

·      Babies’ brains grow more rapidly in size and complexity in the first 3 years than during any other period. Through responsive relationships and interaction with their environment, babies learn to process information more rapidly.

·      The brain develops sequentially. If lower level circuits are not wired properly, higher level learning is more difficult.

·      Biology and experience interact to build the architecture of the brain. Frequent, positive interactions with attentive adults play a critical role. Stable, caring relationships that provide security, emotional connection, and positive learning opportunities are necessary for babies’ brains to develop properly.

·       All babies are born “wired for feelings and ready to learn”. Babies are active learners, having a natural human desire to connect with others, explore the environment, and master skills.

·      Brief stress challenges babies to develop coping and “self-regulation” skills. With support and practice, babies learn to control their emotions, physiological responses, and behavior. However, repeated exposure to overwhelming stress such as fear, hunger, frustration, or change of environment produces toxic hormones that damage the developing brain.

In light of these findings, Summerhill understands how an infant care program can be invaluable during these significant stages in development. Our teachers are trained to offer you guidance and support towards rearing a “Healthy baby, healthy mind.”

Continuity of Care

Getting to know another person takes time. Systems that implement a continuity of care ensure adequate time for teachers, children, and families to get to know each other. This system also minimizes abrupt transitions that disrupt relationships and can be very difficult for babies. When a very young child changes infant care teachers, he may be unsure of how to act and hesitate to explore without his trusted guide. Too many changes can create a reluctance to form new relationships.

Thus, continuity of care is one of the inherent benefits of family child care. Studies have shown that the transition to preschool for children, families, and infant teachers is facilitated when the infant program and preschool are in the same building. The following are important benefits.

·    Children develop and learn smoother with fewer transitions, not needing to constantly re- negotiate new relationships with peers, teachers, and new environments.

·    Families and teachers invest their relationship for the long-term and make a real effort to get to know each other and become partners working in the best interest of the child.

·    Teachers have a deeper knowledge and understanding of individual children’s needs and development and are able to tailor the program accordingly.

For all of these reasons we, at Summerhill, believe in “One roof, one philosophy,” where a child encounters as little change as possible; thus, giving him/her a better sense of security and confidence. We feel that it was important to begin as early as possible in ensuring a transition- free environment, so that your child can thrive here from the age of 3 months all the way to kindergarten.

What does all this mean?

Research is research and at the end of the day the fundamental principle is quite simple-- children thrive when there is an abundance of loving care. We provide a consistent, familiar, safe and nurturing environment for your most precious bundle of joy to begin his/her journey to actualizing his/her full potential. Our Summerhill nest is a place where your child will learn, explore, laugh, and smile because he/she will know that he/she can play without a worry-- we are only there to gently nudge him/her in the right direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What are the advantages of choosing Summerhill Baby as a daycare for my child?

Whether you are planning to start work or want to have some activities of your own you will be faced with the choice of having help at home or selecting a daycare center. At Summerhill Baby we have created a home away from home. We welcome babies in a safe, bright and beautiful environment which will stimulate their senses, help them create strong meaningful relationships with our experienced caregivers and also learn to socialize through positive interactions with other young children.

FAQ 2: How can I be sure that my child will receive all the attention he/she needs?

Summerhill Baby’s 1 to 2 ratio ensures that each child will be looked after with the greatest care and receive all the attention they need. All our caregivers are loving, experienced individuals who will strive to make the transition to daycare an enjoyable learning experience for all children.

FAQ 3: Is the room safe for babies?

Our room has been designed with babies in mind. We have a wide open space in which babies can start to crawl and explore freely. Because babies spend a lot of time on the floor, shoes are prohibited. All surfaces (tables, changing mats, counters...) are wiped and disinfected daily. Bed sheets are not shared and always changed before being used by a new child. All toys are regularly cleaned and toys that are put in little mouths are put aside for disinfection at the end of the day.

We ensure that no small or dangerous objects are within reach of the children.

FAQ 4: What will my child be doing during the day?

We believe that daycare should be a learning and nurturing experience. We have a wide variety of toys for children to discover and explore. We read stories daily even with our youngest children. For the older ones,

we practice fine and gross motor skills through play. All children love music and we play some in the room throughout the day and engage in finger play. For children 6 months and up, weather permitting, we spend some time outside for sensory fun in the sandbox or the playground located on the school’s premises.
You will be able to read all about your child’s day in the diary th
at we write daily for each child in our care.

FAQ 5: What to bring to daycare?

Please bring all the food your child will need for the day (water, snack and lunch) for milk please make sure to specify the quantity you want your child to have. We will strive to follow the feeding schedule you have at home but be aware that in a new setting, your child might get hungry earlier than usual or on the contrary eat less at least in the first few days. The same goes for his/her sleeping schedule.

We might need to change clothes after outdoor play, feeding or diaper change so please bring an extra set of clothes.
Also bring diapers and wipes labeled with your child’s name.
If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or comfort object please bring it too as it may help his/her transition.

FAQ 6: Do I have to bring my child everyday?

We are very flexible and though, in order to maintain our excellent caregiver/child ratio advanced notice is always better, you can book your child to come with as little as 24 hours notice. You can choose a monthly, weekly or daily schedule.

FAQ 7: If my child comes to Summerhill Baby, does it mean he/she will have to join Summerhill Preschool afterwards?

Though located in the same building, Summerhill Baby is not part of Summerhill International School. It is your choice to join the school or not once your child reaches the age. However, if you plan to join Summerhill International School, please let us know ahead and your child can have priority to enter the Sunrise Class (15 months and up).

FAQ 8: How to best deal with separation/drop off?

We truly understand how separation can be hard for both babies and parents. The best way to help your child settle well and quickly is to make goodbyes short. A hug a kiss and a gentle but firm ‘Have a nice day!’ are the best way to let your child know he/she is in good hands and that Mommy will be back. If your child sees your worried face he is going to worry too so be prepared to put on your best smile!