Workshops for parents

Parent workshops support parents in their quest to deepen their knowledge and understanding of raising their child. Workshops focus on our Primary Years Program & Early Childhood Curriculum as well as topics of interest about parenting. Continuous support and the sense of community underpin all of our workshops.

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Fostering strong parent school Partnerships 

Parent school partnerships are an essential part of supporting the development of children and is highly valued at Summerhill. There is an enormous body of research on the positive impacts of parent partnerships on children and we invite all parents to become involved in their child’s learning journey through participating in our parent workshops and joining in class events. 


EXample Topic of Workshops

◆ Reporting and Assessment Policy

This workshop will focus on Summerhill’s assessment policy and the new reporting format. We would like to invite parents to  review our assessment policy and provide valuable feedback.

◆ What kind of person do we want our children to develop into?

This workshop will focus on the PYP learner profiles, what they are, how these learner profiles are developed at Summerhill and how parents can support this learning at home.