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MESSAGEs from Parents to Summerhill

Wed, Jan 25, 2017   
Dear Kathryne,  

 Several parents and I have noticed the recent upgrades to the facilities as well as the policies at Summerhill and I wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciate your efforts to make this happen. The significant increase in number of bathrooms has been something parents of Summerhill alumni have been concerned about for many years, and it is so nice to finally see this happen!  

 Furthermore, I understand the administrative staff has taken fire and emergency training, in addition to Summerhill purchasing protective hoods for the children. Ensuring the safety of the children during disasters is certainly at the top of my concerns and I know I share this concern with many other Summerhill parents.  Thank you so much for addressing such fundamentally important and necessary areas to continue improving Summerhill!  

 Our children have attended several kindergartens across the US and Singapore before moving back to Japan in 2015.  Out of all these experiences, we continue to find Summerhill and its teaching staff to be the best, warmest and loving group we could ever hope for.  

 Not only do our children develop as learners and expand their knowledge, we are proudest of how their confidence continues to build and learning to be caring participants in the Summerhill community.  

 We look forward to having our children to continue growing up in the Summerhill family!  

 Best regards,



an excerpt from Silvia Poggi’s graduation speech as a parent

head of the SuMMerhill Parents Associations 2016

Goodmorning Summerhill!

I’d like to thank Kathryne for asking me to say a few words today because it gives me the opportunity to finally publicly express my immense gratitude for her constant positive support, for our dedicated teachers and staff, for the hardworking Summerhill Parents Association (SPA) and for all the parents… all of you have offered your precious time and put in so much effort to help make Summerhill the fabulous happy school it is.

From the moment I stepped into Summerhill a year and half ago for the school tour I instantly felt the love and I knew this was the place where I wanted Vivia and Allegra to spend their first days (or years!) here in Japan.

And that’s what makes Summerhill such a special place…it immediately feels like a big happy family where there is an abundance of love and joy. And I know the children feel this too… which is ultimately our goal. We want them to love themselves, love others, and love to learn.

Star Class just sang “Seasons of Love” for us today and it seems perfectly fitting: “…how do you measure a year of life? How about love?” I know that for my family and I, our past year and a half at Summerhill has been filled with love and we are grateful and honored to have been a part of this extraordinary family.


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